Add value to your assessment processes with our digital Smart Coach.

Eggup’s Smart Coach is simple and intuitive. After completing a standard or personalized self-assessment, your respondents will begin to receive suggestions consistent with their results. We will indicate books, films, songs, podcasts, online courses, biographies and TED Talks that can be useful ideas to enrich their daily routine.

The Smart Coach is used by our clients to offer inspirational self-development paths to their employees and at the same time strengthen:

 The Employee Experience & Engagement;

 The Candidate Experience & Employer Branding.

The Smart Coach can be configured according to oneìs self-development goals. In particular, it is possible to choose:

The frequency of use;

The quantity and type of content to be provided;

The evaluation elements on which to focus the content that is sent.



The Smart Coach is particularly suitable for all those processes that can support continuous improvement and career guidance.

Companies, as well as educational institutions, can implement tailor-made smart coaching paths. Thanks to the Eggup Smart Coach it is possible to enhance the following processes:

  • Academic orientation;
  • Professional orientation;
  • Identification of effective paths for up-skilling and re-skilling.

Enable the SmartCoach during the invitation

Enable the SmartCoach when delivering an assessment and choose the settings you prefer between areas of focus, type of content and frequency.

By accepting the invitation, you will be able to take advantage of the assessment session and the subsequent SmartCoach path.

Once the invitation has been accepted, users can create their account and access the reserved area.

At the end of the questionnaire it is possible to provide an overview of the profile.

SmartCoach tips are displayed with digital cards.

On the back of each card there is further detailed information.

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